Philosopher T-Shirts

Puffins of a philosophical bent, are flocking to buy’s new Philosophical T-shirts.

Whether you’re a Plato Puffin – Of all animals, the boy is the most unmanageable – or a Baruch Spinoza bird – It is the nature of reason to perceive things under a certain form of eternity – they’re the new black in Autumn puffin-wear.

There’s even one for revolutionary puffins: One capitalist always kills many ~ Karl Marx

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The Only Way is Existentialism T-Shirt

Reem! Innit! Larvely! I didn’t know Jean Paul Sartre was an Essex Boy! C’est formidable n’est-ce pas?

The Only Way is Existentialism T-shirt by

As a no-nonsense Skomer puffin I don’t hold with these foreign intellectual Johnnies, with their “categorical imperatives” and “epistemic foundations.” Give me a good catch of sand eels, a cosy burrow and Buttercup the Cow to talk to and I’m happy.

But well done Jean Paul for investing in a Beamer, getting his chest hair waxed, and buying Simone de Beauvoir a full body orange spray tan.

the-only-way-is-essex‘I used to have this diary and at the bottom of every entry I used to write “please God let me be a popstar.” Everyday.” ~ Jean Paul Sartre when interviewed following the publication of Being and Nothingness.

The Only Way is Existentialism T-shirt is available from

IMSLP T-Shirts, Mugs & Postcards

Calling all musical puffins! When sitting in your burrows listening to a nice Mozart string quartet, why not do so while wearing an IMSLP T-shirt? The International Music Score Library Project – IMSLP – makes available, free of charge, over 100,000 public domain music scores. Their merchandise – T-shirts, mugs, postcards etc – help fund their server and other costs.

IMSLP Anniversary T-shirtIMSLP Petrucci Music Library MugIMSLP-EU Postcard - Europa by Juliane Kiefner